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three modulators, triangle for basses (2011)

Over the course of a number of consecutive days, an ensemble of musicians visits a space on a daily basis, unannounced and uncoordinated. Playing positions have been fixed in a spatial setting and following their arrival each musician plays a one hour part from the same position every day. With the permutation of the ensemble on a particular day left to chance, the piece displays an aleatoric process of dismantling and re-integration of its parts.

More than being a work of long duration, ‘during, lasting..’ is comprised of reconfigured time. Accordingly, it can take the shape of a silenced space -an environment of no or few sounds or activity-, of a compositional space enveloped by progressing tones and including a multitude of instruments, or of one of the many transitionary stages in between.

Dear visitor,

You might encounter a space void of performers and sound, you might

encounter a space with only a single musician, you might encounter many of the 9 that participate. The different possible states of this piece each ask for your attention in their own specific way. I’d like to suggest you take your time for the situation that you encounter after entering the gallery. All, also the still ones, are part of the work, equally important and about to change. Slow down and sit down. Listen and look.

45:19 mins audio recording made at Nearly Not There exhibition, W139, Amsterdam (2015) with Konzert Minimal.

Full recording available at Compost and Height

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