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positions, for those involved (2011)

'positions' is a performance piece for audience and possibly some musicians. They are all, foremost, listeners. For a chosen duration participants are asked to carefully listen to all sounds that come to their attention and to try to obtain an awareness of what kind of sounds these are, their behaviour, etc. The score prescribes three possible listening experiences . When having any one of these, participants are invited to add to the ambient environment by either gently whistling, humming or moving to a different position.

'positions, for those involved' is included on the

During my residency with Association 23.03 in 2012, I prepared a public space installation work as part of the Double Stéréo #4 exhibition.The score for the performance piece enables the performer (anybody) to do a solo version at any time and any moment. Taking that particular aspect of the piece a step further, I produced two public space installation works of (travelling) chairs and music stands with instructions, placed throughout the city of Reims, France. Random passers-by were offered the possibility to perform the listening piece, either together or by themselves.


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