The Modern Academy

For The Modern Academy in Hong Kong, I taught an intensive course on spatiality and music. During Spaces, Traces, Places we discussed ideas of place, environment, space, system and process in music composition & performance with 10 enrolled musicians, composers and a lone light designer.

5 days of lectures and workshops on selected works of a.o.David Dunn, Michael Pisaro, Samuel Vriezen, Justin Bennett, James Tenney and Alvin Lucier accumulated in a public presentation with pieces like ‘Only’ by Michael Pisaro, ‘In A Large Open Space’ by James Tenney, ‘(Hong Kong) Memory Space’ by Alvin Lucier, ‘For Four’ by Dominic Lash and works of participants themselves at a most perfect venue, The Cattle Depot.

Objectives of the course were to expand notions of spatiality existent in instrumental and electro-acoustic composition with more experimental and contemporary applications, infusing aspects of installation art, site specificity, environment and process based performance. Workshopping a number of pieces, practical knowledge of both aesthetic and working principles at hand was trained. No requirements for students to enrol had to be met.

It was a very rewarding experience to work on this project, for which many thanks to William Lane & the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble and of course all participants. This module of The Modern Academy was supported by Hong Kong’s Goethe Institute, Spring Workshop, the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and the University of Hong Kong

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