Simulacrum – in conversation with DNK

For Simulacrum, journal for art and culture, Nicolas Burman interviewed Koen Nutters, Seamus Cater and myself on different matters DNK Amsterdam: our engagement with participatory action, public space and surprise.

Find it here on Simulacrum’s site.

With the interview came a studio recreation of a performance piece ‘Manifesto’ DNK Ensemble did at W139, Amsterdam January 12th 2020, pasted here below as well.

‘Manifesto’: A four part text and performance piece compiled, composed, and written by Koen Nutters.


This is a remotely and separately recorded re-creation of the original performance, edited and mixed by Martijn Tellinga and Koen Nutters in intercontinental quarantine, April 2020.

Voices: Koen Nutters, Hannah Cheney, Martijn Tellinga, Lilli Elias.
Sine tone players: Mint Park, Martijn Tellinga, Koen Nutters.

As part of this performance a recording of the piece ‘Tuning in – the Neighborhood’ by Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec, performed on May 24th, 2019 by the DNK Ensemble and guests, can be heard.

Graphic design and riso prints by André Avelãs.

RISO printed DNK manifesto pamphlet 2-4