Protocol I

Protocol I is an electronic sound piece for 4 channels, created during my studies at the Sonology Institute. ItI is the product of my search into ways to navigate and articulate the area overlapping between the automated process and the intuitive musical choice. The result was the design of a procedure that put an algorithmically generated value next to every other, defining the range of deviation of the first. I.e. a formalized function to overrule, manually, its own outcome. Two type of permutations of the same piece were thus integrated; a ‘mechanical’ algorithmic one, ignorant about the artistic results of its instructions, and a musical interpretation of those same instructions. The numeric tables spit out by this procedure were applied to a very focussed set of sound materials and transformations. The result portrays a solid, slowly shifting sound cluster with a constant feed for intentional listening and accidental hearing.

. hear an excerpt of Protocol I 

During a 2007 residency with Austrian algorithmic artist Dextro at Time’s Up, moving image was created to go with a second rendering of Protocol I