presence (Un) presence

‘presence (Un) presence’ is a performative installation project which intends to pose and speak to questions of musical mediality and agency beyond the audible. Following a score-based structure, the work stages the slow and contingent unfolding of a durational duet between two interpreters enacting 4 of our basic postures —standing, walking, sitting and lying down— as performative measures to sense, draw and recompose their shared space.

As individual actors in the work they are physically separated by time or distance and connect only by means of video transmission. The installation observes itself through multiple installed cameras, and a rule-based system of video registration and projection non-linearly extends their live performance with replayed recorded footage, irregularly inserting seemingly instructive text fragments as well. Here, interstitially between phasing timelines of the now and the recalled, a flux-like materiality is produced by relating gesture, positioning, movement and patterns enacted both physically in the space and virtually on screen. Gradually, a layered and self-rewriting narrative emerges out of the continuously reconfiguring multitude of temporal instances of the space.

presence (Un) presence @ Errant Sound, Berlin 2021:

Actively shaping this process through the immediacy and idiosyncrasy of their actions, the performers’ embodiment increasingly obtains both a sensing and compositional function, in their tracing and developing of expressive and spatial patterns which slowly establish over diffused articulations of time. Through the two performers and their abstracted, modulated modes of presence, we arrive at a confined yet constantly shifting experience of environment and an evolving, relational sense of place and participation.

This morphology of space reaches beyond being a perceptual form caused by the work: it already informs its site- and occasion-specific rendering from the onset. Much comparable to a realisation of an experimental music composition in situ, the installation, as a combinatory set of compositional elements, is read and interpreted through the specifics of the exhibition’s locality and performers’ individuality. This is a process performative in itself and fully constituent to the resultant shape, which, so far, has included different durational and temporal structures between realisations,  and changing spatial organisations or forms of public presentation. The co-produced installation, as object, exists as an aesthetic reiteration of itself and the ideas at work within it, as much as it is an imprint of the compositional activation of the site as a generative element of the work.

presence (Un) presence @ SPARK samverkansplattform för arkitektur & konst, Malmö 2021:

presence (Un) presence is the main focus within a current exploratory chapter of my practice which studies how to read principles of musical structure, temporality and process from within a post-media exhibititory context. The work produced so far occupies an intermedium between music composition, spatial installation and durational performance. It activates site-adaptive movement and performative action, registrative techniques, text, & graphical elements, and the architectural setting. Through such ‘speculative musical spaces’, an extended musicality is proposed: how can musical ideas and forms travel between and convey through different mediums and situations, and function as a generative and experiential devise beyond sound and the concert setting?