With the DNK Ensemble (Jeff Carey, Koen Nutters and myself) I worked on a reinterpretation and performance of David Tudor‘s legendary piece ‘Microphone’. By means of a subtle choreography of positioning, movement and aiming of hyperbolic shotgun microphones, three performers detect and manipulate the acoustical workings of an environment of six loudspeakers feeding back on itself. Each performer works with its own set of 2 speakers and a microphone. A computer program intervenes to modulate the signals, as originally implemented by Tudor himself. This reinterpretation was performed at the closing of DNK-Amsterdam‘s exhibition ‘Sound, Space, Signatures’ at the NIMk in Amsterdam, 2009.

Thanks to Matt Rogalsky of Wesleyan University for his assistance.



. hear DNK Emsemble play David Tudor‘s ‘Microphone’ @ NIMk, Amsterdam 2009