Ex Teresa Arte Actual

Surrounding my exhibition of ‘during, lasting .. exhibition piece’ at Ex Teresa Arte Actual in Mexico City, I taught a 3-day course on ideas and practice of spatiality of sound. The course was open to anyone with an interest in these subjects, no specific requirements for students to enroll had to be met.

Taking fragments from my more extensive course ‘Spaces, Traces, Places’, we discussed in a condensed form notions of space and place as they could be investigated in sounding art and experimental music, how the two inform and produce each other, and how such considerations can inform the creation of new work.

Topics that were introduced and assessed through lecturing and discussion were for example: phenomenology  and embodiment of space/place; spatio-acoustic geometries; concepts of environment and situational dynamics; designing of creative systems for composition, performance and installation; process based practice; interaction of fixed and open structures; participative situations and modes of engagement; scoring and methods of transference.

References included works and theory by, a.o:  Brün, Cage, Deleuze, Dunn, Gormly, Kabanov, Labelle, Lash, Pisaro, Tenney, Toniutti, Tsunoda, Wolff.

My gratitude goes to Barbara Perea, Ivan Edeza and Sofia Carrillo Herrerias for creating the possibility to teach this course.

For inquiries concerning my teaching and more detailed information, please contact.