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Entrance to Exit Re-enacted (2013)

‘A smooth linear transition from white noise to sinus wave tone is broadcast. Title is announce at beginning and at end, but at end, title is announced by a tape played backward.’


For ‘Another Fluxconcert’ in Amsterdam, kept at NASA Amsterdam april 13 & 14 2013, I realised  a version of George Brecht‘s ‘Entrance to Exit’ (1965) in SuperCollider. Instructions shown above.

With 'Entrance to Exit', Brecht transposed his 1961 performance 'Word Event' onto film. The produced FLux Film No. 10 can be seen below, as well as a video impression of the 'Another Fluxconcert' event.

With George Maciunas himself stating that the piece actually has no beginning or ending, no front or back, I reversed the given instructions.

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