Entrainments 2

For the closing of Zone2Source’s exhibition ‘Resonant’, DNK Ensemble performed a re-enactment of David Dunn’s Entrainments 2 in the Amstelpark, Amsterdam.

Entrainments 2 (Geomantic Mappings of Eco-Systemic Resonance), is one of David Dunn’s seminal sonic land art pieces. Conceived in 1985, it remains a radical and relevant performance. In terms of contemporary music moving from the concert hall into the environment, and the use of the environment as a generative element, the importance of Dunn’s work can hardly be overstated. It is a rarity that his thoroughly original and influential works are performed, and this reenactment was a first in the Netherlands.

Coming from a very diverse background as a violinist (contemporary and early music), an electronic designer (San Diego State University electronic music studio), a music theorist (assistant to Harry Partch), and a composer; David Dunn has spent the last forty years exploring the relationships between music, ambient sound and language, fusing bioacoustics, linguistics, deep ecology, computer technology and musical composition into new forms of musical composition, performance and experience. Today, he rarely presents concerts or installations and instead prefers the lecture format or to engage in site-specific interactions or research-oriented activities.

Like many of his works, Entrainments 2 investigates the phenomenology of ecology. Fusing technological and astrological chartings, it explores notions of site, resonance and perimeter, staging modulation of real-time and documented experiences, mappings of different types of site-specific data, and performative negotiations of the ambient surrounding.

Martijn Tellinga – documentation, voice, oscillator
Koen Nutters – documentation, voice, oscillator
Seamus Cater – documentation, voice, oscillator
André Avelãs – parabolic & binaural microphones
Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec – sound design

. hear  Entrainments 2  @ Wonderfeel Festival 2018:



Photos Sagi Groner